Grab your team of buyers and listing agents and head to the gorgeous Summer resort town of Traverse City, MI this July! Solo agent? Perfect, because this one's for you too! 


At the 2020 Live Unreal Retreat you will spend three full days immersing yourself in everything you need to know and do to control the listing taken inventory in your market, all the while closing more buyer sales. What started as Jeff's event exclusively for his team, has now been opened to the public. Why would Jeff do this? The answer is simple...Jeff's passion for training and coaching others to accomplish what he and his team have accomplished has exceeded all other passions of Jeff's. Jeff believes in living an UNREAL and an ABUNDANT life and wants everyone he comes in contact with to do the same.


During this action-packed, business building event, Jeff is going to show you EXACTLY what he and his team are doing to average over 75 listings taken per month, even during this listing scarce economy! In addition, and for the first time ever, Jeff will be walking the audience through their entire Buyer Conversion System, in which they use to close over 400 buyer sales annually! Jeff and his expert panelists and speakers will be walking you through all phases of what it takes to take market share through generating more buyer leads. We will be covering, from start to finish, the lead generation, lead conversion, buyer consultation, offer consultations and showing agent models used by Jeff's team and some of the best agents from around the U.S. and Canada!


Speaking of the best agents...during our three days together we will hear from 20+ Top Agents/Speakers through panels, break out sessions, masterminds and one-on-one interviews from the stage! You will also get an up close and personal chance to have coffee with Jeff and our Top Coaches from around the U.S. and Canada! 

Traverse City is located in the desirable (and gorgeous) area of northern Michigan and is often referred to as the "Caribbean of the north" during Michigan's Summer months. Getting to Northern Michigan is EASY! With many non-stop and one-stop flights arriving and departing from every corner of the United States, travel by way of Traverse City's Cherry Capital Airport is CONVENIENT. Northern Michigan’s regional airport – Cherry Capital (TVC) is serviced by American, Delta, and United.  Attendees may also want to consider flight options to Grand Rapids International Airport (GRR) as this may offer more non-stop solutions. Once you land in Grand Rapids, MI you will have just under a 2.5 hour drive from Grand Rapids to Traverse City. 

Traverse City is also accessible by Ferry (well, sort of) if you are coming from Wisconsin. The S.S. Badger is the way to go. Take a scenic drive of 90 from Ludington, MI to Traverse City. Ludington is the home port of the Lake Michigan Carferry, and a wonderful community to visit. From Manitowoc, Wisconsin, you can board the S.S. Badger carferry and enjoy a relaxing four hour cruise to Ludington, MI. 

Finally, Traverse City is less than a 6 hour drive from the following major cities:

  • Detroit

  • Chicago

  • Green Bay

  • Milwaukee

  • Cleveland

  • Columbus

  • Indianapolis

  • Toronto


COVID-19 UPDATE: We share our heartfelt support for anyone whose health has been impacted by the COVID-19 Virus.  Equally as important is the need to minimize the negative long-term impact of speculation, hype, and over-reaction that could be damaging to our industry, and to local communities and Real Estate markets.